I’m training for first marathon. Any good tips for foods I should eat the night before my long runs?

I often suggest going a little more conservative with eating the night before long runs especially because new runners tend to have a more of a sensitive gut. You may find in simply getting used to covering the distances you will have less during- and post-run bowel issues or upset stomach.

In taking a conservative approach I suggest the following:

Limit the fat - Options like Friday night wings, 8 oz. steak, creamy pasta sauce, and pizza thick with cheese may not be the best options. Have a smaller serving of some of the fatty choices if you decide to eat them and eat more of the low fat high carbohydrate options.

Bump up the carbohydrates – Carbohydrates will stock glycogen stores and help fuel your long run. Be sure not to neglect adequate carbohydrates. If you have a large dinner salad meal, top it with carbs like brown rice, quinoa, or couscous; and compliment the salad with whole grain bread.

Define if you are sensitive to fiber – Fiber can work just fine in the pre-long run meal if you are used to it. Others may have a sensitive stomach to a meal rich in fiber. This is especially true if the first half of the day was already high in the fiber. Define if you run well with the higher fiber options like high fiber pastas, raw vegetables, and beans. It’s OK to switch to lower fiber options the night before a long run or race. As the day follows after the run, work on including more of those fiber-rich options again.

Include lean protein - You can still include lean proteins in the meal like lean chicken and fish. This isn’t the best time to go for the 8 oz. steak, fatty sausages, and wings.

Hydrate – Be sure to drink plenty of fluids the night before to help you go into the run well hydrated.

Meal timing – You may want to consider the timing of the meal. If you eat a big meal right before bed it will be harder to pass before an early morning run. This could contribute to GI distress or even a bathroom stop on the run. Consider leaving 10-12 hours from the time of your last big meal to the start of the run. Have a light evening snack if this ends up a little too long of a window. And, don’t forget to wake early for breakfast.

Define what you don’t do well with – Since you may be traveling for the marathon it may not be feasible to cook your own meal the night before the race. Determine what really doesn’t work well for your pre long run dinner. This will help you decide what options to make if you are dining out the night before the marathon.

Good Luck!

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