I can’t believe marathon weekend is just days away. My mentality for this marathon has been a little different than my typical do-or-die spirit. Training hasn’t felt quite like what I’m used to leading up to a marathon. A big part of this is that I’ve never run two marathons quite this close together; but, I decided why not? I’m looking forward to having a lot of fun covering the marathon distance, enjoying the oceanfront view, and seeing what will happen.

A bonus in running the Shamrock Marathon is that I ran it last year. I don’t question what the race will bring. Instead I’m visualizing what I will do at the points I found most challenging. I’m also going to stick with a similar fueling plan. Since there are not elite water tables, I know I will take 2 cups of fluid at all stations other than the first. My aim will be to take in about 5 ounces of fluid, most often being the Gatorade Endurance. At the aid stations around mile 10, 17.5, and maybe even one of the aid stations around the miles 21 or 22 I plan to take a gel. I tend to stick with my caffeine containing Strawberry Banana PowerGel. I’ll take this with about 5 ounces of water instead of Gatorade.

I would love the company of my brother again this year, but I’ll be running this one solo. Instead I welcomed great motivation over the weekend with a visit from Running Times friends who were in the midst of a cross country trip from Montana. Our talented friend Joel probably doesn’t even realize the motivation some of his recent work has given me leading up to the race this weekend. Click HERE to view the video he made on the Himalaya 100. Talk about working your way through a challenging race. How often do you see race leaders walking?

Joel is also behind the camera of the awesome Running Times Magazine cover this month. It mimics Jim Fixx’s book cover, The Complete Book of Running. What a great shot for the magazine cover! He shared some of the extremely helpful information he learned in shooting for the article “Are You Ready to Go Minimal.” Click HERE for the video that goes along with the article. I’ve got to get working on some toe exercises!

I love that Joel and Katie got me thinking about all things running. It’s been wonderful motivation! Race day is only 4 days away!

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