It’s been a little disappointing to not be able to run on these bright, cool, beautiful spring mornings. Even though I’m crutch and non-weight bearing bound, I’m still trying not to make this a total loss.

When I’m running focused, I try my best to get in daily strengthening drills as well as a core routine 2-3 days a week and weights at least once a week. I simply haven’t perfected finding the time to fit much more than that in our hectic schedule. It’s true that I’m still limited on the type of strength I can do in being non-weight bearing; but I feel that the strength I’ve been putting in may help quite a bit when I return to running.

I’ve always had trouble with an non-responding right tush. I call it tush because I’ve had trouble pinpointing if ithe problem stems from my glutes, hamstrings, hip flexors, a weak core….I just can’t say. The height of this trouble was at the 2008 Olympic Trials Marathon. I’ve come a long way working this issue out, but I can still feel a lack of response at times.

I’m working the heck out of my glutes, hip flexors, and even doing toe yoga the best I can. As for core, well, let’s just say I can do core all day long now – ha! On hand I have a Swiss ball, 8 and 12 lb weights, and various resistance flat bands as the tools I utilize most. I basically commit myself to a minimum of 20-30 minutes of this routine daily. In addition, I work in walks with the kids; and who knew house work would suddenly feel so challenging on one leg? It’s not a 10 mile run, but it will have to do for now.

Great news is that I will be getting this cast off tomorrow. I believe the plan is to take another x-ray with the hope that my joints no longer have the movement as they did just over 4 weeks ago. If all looks good, I will then upgrade to a boot for a couple weeks. If not, I’ll likely be cast bound once again.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that my foot is healing well!

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