There’s no question the New York City Marathon cancellation was a letdown for many reasons. My previous plan was to race in New York and follow that with my first attempt at the trail marathon. I registered for the tough Tecumseh Trail Marathon this coming weekend. However, since I really was hoping to get in a marathon on the road this fall, I’m going to postpone tackling my trail marathon goals. It’s been a long fall of training that I simply would like a more measureable reflection of the arduous training.

Scheduling between the holidays and family commitments this time of year has made adjusting the schedule a bit of a challenge, but we managed to make it work. I’m looking forward to heading south for the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, Alabama! It’s going to be a quick trip, but worth cashing in on all my fall training.

Training has continued to go well since the trip to New York City. I worked back up to a couple weeks over 90 miles; got in a couple nice quality long runs; and managed some successful grueling workouts along the way. I can’t forget to mention that Greg and I raced our first official race with our eight year old son on Thanksgiving Day. He did SO awesome! Tyler ran a 40:35 for the 4.6 mile Drumstick Dash. We all loved every minute!

We’ll see what the marathon December 8th brings!

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