Wow – time has flown by since the Rocket City Marathon! I’ve taken some much needed downtime. I’ve been running less miles, exploring interests outside of running, and enjoying a little more quality time with the family.

We are now hooked members of Hoosier Heights climbing gym! My oldest son is becoming quite the climber. He truly loves it; and it’s been a great way to burn up energy during the cold winter months.

It has been a lot of fun challenging ourselves on tougher and tougher climbs. There’s a climb called “The Snake” where one can boulder over a huge foam filled pit. There is something about the Snake. We start or finish every visit to Hoosier Heights with a Snake attempt. I have a personal goal to conquer “The Snake” before getting back to full-blown training… I’m only about two thirds of the way there :)

Climbing has added this really awesome, super fun strength element to my otherwise basic and boring strength routine. It’s been perfect!

Of course I’m still running. I’m not sure I could ever totally stop and switch to something else. I’m just not putting in the high mileage for a little while. I simply wanted to take a mental and physical break if I’m really going to go for the new 2:43 Olympic Trials qualifying time. The new mark would be about a 2 minute 30 second personal record for me.

I’ve also always had an interest in the trails. I’m looking forward to dedicating a portion of this year to testing my trail abilities instead of the focus on road racing. In addition, Greg and I have plans to take on Mt. Baker with my father-in-law. I’m looking forward to another awesome mountain climb and summit! This means I will get back to adding cross training on the stair climber.

Even though I’m not running 90 miles a week, I’m still getting in plenty of exercise and staying active. Which means I still have a good appetite…

Groceries have been falling low, but I have on hand a new product I recently found at The Fresh Market. I’ve just fallen in love with it. For recent snacking I’ve been breaking out the Ozery Bakery Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Pita Crisps.

They are awesome plain, but I’ve also been known to top them with a light strawberry cream cheese spread. This crunchy, tasty snack has worked great for snack attack mode.


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