A lot of aspects go into being a successful runner and endurance athlete. Logging what seems like countless miles and mentally coping with the discomfort of intense workouts prepares the body for successful racing. Proper nutrition can transform a good performance into being a great performance. The body can be called on to accomplish greater feats when fuel stores are fully stocked and ready for tapping.

As a Registered Dietitian I’m well educated with a vast amount of nutritional knowledge. However, I’m also an endurance athlete who has been there. I know the discipline it takes to eat well, carry out an intense training load, and still try to maintain a normal lifestyle. My personal running history involves logging as many as 110 miles a week, racing a 2:45 marathon, and a two-time qualifier to the Olympic Team Trials in the Marathon. The mom in me can’t leave out that I’ve been lucky enough to run throughout two wonderful pregnancies.

There’s much more to consider than just successful performances. I hope to keep this body in good enough shape to be running strong into my later years. What I put in my body now plays a role in how it’s able to respond over the next months, years, and decades.

I offer tips and information on fueling for successful racing. I also pose as a guide to eating with lifelong endurance in mind. Visit my blog for my latest nutrition updates. Check out the recipes in my kitchen where you can view and incorporate some of the foods I love to eat on a daily basis. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in the nutritional specifics to support your personal training endeavors.

Fuel the Fire