*Performance Specific Nutrition  

Sport specific nutrition counseling and education is available for the athlete wanting to maximize performance. Proper nutrition will support, strengthen, and protect the body’s ability to adapt to training and demand more out of training. This education focuses on learning how nutrition can support an athlete’s ability to train more effectively and compete at an optimal level.

* Active Individual Guidance

Nutrition education can promote and support fitness success for active individuals. This education is for the everyday athlete looking to discover their inner champion and strive for personal growth by leading an active lifestyle, pursuing optimal health, and achieving personal fitness success.

* Team Nutrition Services

Presentations and consultations are available for athletic teams, coaches and parents on sports-nutrition topics, such as:

– Daily nutrition for training, recovery nutrition and competition-day nutrition.

– Importance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat related to performance.

– Healthy hydration.

– Eating while travelling

– Eating before and after competition.

– Safe ergogenic aids.

– Safe and effective weight loss or weight gain.

* Jackie is the Sports Dietitian for Community Health Network Sports Medicine.

*Wellness/Healthy Lifestyle

Nutrition education focusing on diet and lifestyle concerns related to a lack of proper nutrition and balance. This education emphasizes encouragement and healthy modifications related to nutritious eating while managing a demanding lifestyle, tips to staying active, preventive nutrition, nutrition for a fit pregnancy, picky eating, and more.

*Weight Management

Nutrition assessment and education to evaluate a potential need for weight loss or gain in support of overall health and fitness. Be it weight loss or weight gain, tailored strategies and approaches can support achieving an ideal weight based on the individual’s body type.

*Medical  Nutrition Therapy

Medical nutrition therapy in support of a diet related medical condition. Jackie is experienced in working with diabetes, food allergies and intolerances, anemia, amenorrhea, irritable bowel disease, heart disease, and more.

Customizable nutrition presentations are available for a variety of settings. Such events include marathons and other race environments, sports teams, corporate lunch and learn, educational conferences and seminars, sports clubs, and more.
Nutrition Success is a resource for Physician’s looking to complement patient care through nutrition education.

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